Motion Studies 5 + 6 | Randy Grskovic | 8” x 10” | Hand cut prints from original 1960’s negatives | 2013

I’ve been buying rolls of developed vintage negatives. Using the entire photoshoot I’m trying to collapse moments in time from memories long forgotten and artifacts lost. These are prints from original 1960’s negatives with little to no information about the photographer or model. I want to bring this history forward and recreate the story in a way that mimics fragmented memory.


journalistsznnephotographer asked:

Hey, I am a journalist student just starting to make myself known in this world. I would love to tell your story on my blog, could you please let me know about it. I absolutely love your photos and how you pic them, the light is amazing as well as the moments that you get. I mainly like the bears and the chameleon! Hope to hear from you soon :) thank you for your time sznne

njwight answered:

Well that’s is great. Happy to help. But as a budding journalist you first must do some research. You can start here: http://inside.flipboard.com/2010/11/10/flipboards-interview-with-nj-wight/

And you can read this: http://njwight.tumblr.com/me

Then…feel free to ask me questions and I will try to help.